Team Passion to Help



On September 29, 2013, 57+ folks were part of the Team that made it’s way around JBLM to raise money for the Green Beret Foundation, to honor those in 1st Group (A), to honor the Fallen, and to help support the family of an active duty soldier whose wife is currently fighting brain cancer. This Event – a Custom GORUCK Light, was led by two combat veterans, one of which was just recently deployed to Afghanistan.

The Team met all of  the challenges thrown their way – from buddy-carries, to log carries, to “alternate forms” of various PT, and of course – a few water obstacles. They also carried a new kids electric Jeep that was handed over to the soldier the Team had raised some support funds for (he has three young kids).

The Team also carried with them special Dog-Tags and Tabs with the names of three soldiers that were KIA the week before. These soldiers all had ties to 1st Group and to Cadre across the country. It was a somber reminder of those that give the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country and our continued war on terror.

Thank you to all of you, here at home and across this country, that supported this noble cause!




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