What Matters to You?

This weekend, folks from all walks of life will descend on Crossfit Lacey Training Day in Lacey, WA, to support the fight that a child endures every day.

Shayla is the newest addition to our Family. She is a bright, shining star that gives us all hope for our future. Regardless of all of the turmoil in our current society, she is an example of what matters most in life – Love, Happiness and Hope. She may not understand the enormity of her battle – then again maybe she does. I can say this:

  • Shayla is unconditional love
  • Shayla smiles Because she can
  • Shayla wants to be happy and live the life we all have been blessed to have been given

So whether or not you’ll be in attendance for another special TRVLSQD gathering, or supporting from afar, I just want to say, all of your Love and Support for this child – this weekend – is what matters most to me!

Aloha, Fergus


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