TRVLSQD – Sending Mark Webb the Aloha he has given to us all!


Yesterday was a surreal day to say the least. Losses are never easy, and to hear about the passing of Robin Williams, well, it sucked. To hear about a horrible accident to someone that has given to our entire community, is enough to make anyone stop and be thankful for family and friends. I know Mark will come out of this a better man than before (yes-I said a BETTER MAN) as Mark knows no other way.

Have I met him?

Sure haven’t…Funny thing – he’s a brother all the same! Maybe someday we’ll cross paths:) Until then, keep posting your hospital selfies – they continue to make us all smile and remind us that it could always be better!

Some of you may not be on the Tough Page on Facebook. I’m copying a post here if you’d like to help him offset his medical costs (he’s a single dad, and Xander I’m sure could use some cheering up:) It is time sensitive, so read and support him!


“GR Nation check this out. One of our nearest and dearest Mark Webb was in a rough accident and might lose part of a leg. Mark is a better American than most I know and he’s not even a citizen yet. Mark is the example of what I want every citizen to strive to be. He was there for me as was this community when I was on the cusp of suicide and I need all of your help to help him. As Bert Kuntz said if we help anyone right now it’s him.

A while back I sent Mark one of my plates. This photo is pulled from his page. I will put this design onto any size SHplate you want if you win the raffle. Raffle tickets are $5 friends and family each to and I’ll sweeten the deal- get five tickets and I’ll surprise you with a patch I promise you’ll love. The money will go to whatever Mark needs during recovery and I will draw this tomorrow at 9 PM EST.”





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