Time flies by in the Blink……and then you Smile



We all do it, some with more intensity than others. Caught up in the quest to be better. Whatever life’s direction seems to take us…..



This past SS7 in at Stadium Bowl was no different. Show up, get the workout done, then move on. Pretty typical…..
..or was it?

I haven’t seen Kyle in quite some time. His life – just as busy as anyone else’s I suppose. And here he was, 7am on a Sunday morning, probably an hour’s worth of a drive down from the north, just so he could come work out. There wasn’t any special “hook”, no special event tagged alongside the workout that would really entice you to get up on a slow Sunday morning to go suffer in arguably the most intense set of stairs that stand guard over the Thea Foss Waterway – The Stairs at Stadium Bowl.

And yet there he was – the one who would happily invite you to his VQ (Vision Quest – no not the 80’s movie….something much worse, involving the spirits of animals and such…) and then tell you how the guys at his work don’t understand that a video game character “can’t move and fight like that with a ruck on!” For Kyle, the experience has taught him what you can or can’t do with a ruck on your back, and to hear him passionately tell me this story about the challenges he faces at the office, makes me smile.


It’s seeing Kyle that reminded me of this very simple and true fact about TRVLSQD: You can be caught up in life, go away for a while, and jump right in at any time, at any workout, and the promise you have from me and everyone else – You’ll receive the kind of hugs, high-fives and smiles that accompany the return of an old friend. Yeah so he’s been gone for a while….so what! There are plenty of folks that many of us don’t see too often, and the same thing seems to happen every time someone shows that we almost forget what they look like…..Not that we could forget you Kyle:)


It was great seeing you again Kyle – way to crawl yourself right back into the heart of the Team!
Sometimes time really does fly by, and then a friend gives you that reason to smile:)


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