TEAMWORK & TEAMPLAY – Two Worlds Coming Together


Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 – Alki Beach, Seattle

If you are in TRVLSQD, affiliated with one of the Chapters across this great country, or know someone who is, the following is simply an experience I needed to share. I challenge all of you – get your Team together and go PLAY….please…..One day Teammates will move on….and in most instances – it really sucks…….

It’s never easy when you have friends moving away. Life taking its’ course. Why does it take too long sometimes to get your friends & family together just to PLAY? We all need reminders of what’s it’s like to cut loose from the training, the beatdowns, the aerobic this and anaerobic that. What happened on this Saturday morning will forever be a reminder to me that we should all take the time to laugh, smile, throw a frisbee, drink some Infamil, (maybe a V8:) and jump in the ocean. Roll around in the sand, throw some sand, bury someone in the sand…….ride a sand slug! Go jump in on a Boot Camp Workout with a beer in your hand and make someone laugh…

In the end….be thankful.

(Pictures Courtesy of Brian Lohr – ADR)


Brian Young – You’ve been a great asset to the Pacific Northwest Team. I want to thank you for always being the one to step forward and give us all a much needed “WOOKIE CALL” when all things seemed lost to the Canadian onslaught – Donna Rice! Thank you for serving our country – we will miss you AND the other coast will now have your jovial ASSETS to contend with:)

Joe & Christina Coffman – Thank you Joe for creating the branding images of the greatest GR Training Team in existence today!  You have helped me more than I can say, and I can’t thank you enough. We missed you & Christina this day, and we will miss you and your family when you too cross the country to secure things on our East Coast. Thank you for serving our country – it is everything!

Donna Rice – I’m not really sure where to start with you. So I’ll just say these few things: Please close your car door before walking away for any training! Please continue to bring BOX Wine to GR Events. Please remember that you are loved by many, and disliked by one (Brian Young….maybe Thaddeus…..) You’re moving down to CA, that means you can no longer say you’re Canadian….Mexican maybe…
Take care of BD & keep up the smiles!


Thank you to those that were able to come play. To those absent, I hope we played enough to make you proud:) Until we all see each other again….TEAM FIRST – FAMILY ALWAYS


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  1. Donna Rice /

    What a fun day….but then again every day is a fun day with this crazy group! Oh the memories we all have!

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