Sunday Suck at 6am – It’s the Basis for Our Training


It’s almost always brisk at 6am when you’re getting the Team together for a workout. This time of the year there’s plenty of light already, and it’s simply a matter of getting after it. Those of you that came out were treated to spectacular instances of elevated heart-rate, a few servings of Sugar Cookies, and maybe a drink or two (of Puget Sound’s Best:)


Pictures are worth….well…they’re worth the emotion they evoke when you were the one exerting yourself and then you get to see them after the fact! Well done to Mike D, Chuck, Leah, Seth, and Chris. You were a tight fire-team, until you took two casualties that left only three of you to charlie mike. And the 3 of you successfully brought the components home with no damage!


Chris Mickelsen – Your education into the ways we create teamwork has only begun – I’ll see you in the suck brother!


……So what did you do Sunday morning at 6am?

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