SPARTAN 300 at the Tacoma Armory


Saturday, February 8th, 8am at the Tacoma Armory, was the site of a 2-Hour Smoke Session brought to you by the Spartan Organization. I had helped to set-up this workout with Andi Hardy – the 300 Workout Coordinator, and Sandy Henderson – Local Spartan Event Contact and Street Team Leader for the PNW. It was a workout designed to help initiate folks to being more active and to help them to start thinking about potentially running a Spartan Sprint, or Super, Beast, etc. Andi was the workout leader, and she definitely led us through some notoriously difficult exercises (the burpee, alligator crawls, etc.) There were over 200 folks signed up, and we had our TRVLSQD Team on hand to suffer first – then beer later for sure! Thank you to those that attended this workout, and the post-session lunch was definitely a good time!

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  1. Sandy Henderson /

    Hey I just ran across this – Thanks so much for all your help at the event! TRVLSQD is #1 in my eyes! Great people!

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