SESSION 4 – Lessons in GORUCK PT, Exercises and More


Friday May 2nd, 2014
Rally-Point: Drip City Coffee Company

This past Friday TRVLSQD presented the last in a series of Training’s designed to help folks be better prepared for their first GORUCK Event -Whether it be a GORUCK Challenge or a GORUCK Light. This was Session 4, and it was a fun way to kickstart the weekend!

We started at Drip City Coffee as our rally point. DCC is quickly becoming our homebase of sorts in Seattle. We left a little after 6pm, and proceeded down to Olympic Sculpture Park. This is where the Team proceeded to execute various exercises that they may encounter on their GORUCK Adventures. The Team attacked for about an hour and a half, and then we finished right back at Drip City Coffee. This gave everyone a last minute chance to ask any further questions, finish their beer or coffee, and then head on into the weekend!


I know those that have attended over the last three weeks are far better prepared to help their Team and themselves to accomplish the tasks that will be presented by their Cadre. Thank you to all of you that were involved in these Sessions, and I look forward to seeing many more new faces in the Family. Before I sign off, here are a few suggestions to the new folks:

  • You are part of a TEAM – never forget that
  • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Never tell anyone they “Can’t” do something, even though you may be helping someone from potentially hurting themselves. You are there to support them! Let them attempt whatever it is….and assist when necessary (only Cadre are allowed to tell someone they “can’t” do something, and it’s far more appropriate for Selection as they are trying to make you quit)
  • Women have been and will always be the FACTOR that keeps the team together. If you think I’m making this up, the stats of Men vs. Women quitting during a GRC far favor the women. FACT. Cadre can/will verify
  • It’s never about you. When you’re suffering, someone else is suffering more. Forget about you – go help them!
  • On that note – TEAM FIRST – FAMILY ALWAYS

See you at the GRC/Light!


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