SESSION 3 – MSG ED HALL, An Evening on Leadership & Teamwork

This past Friday, Tacoma South Sound Sports hosted Session 3 of a 4-Part Series of Training’s designed to help folks prepare for their first GRC or GR Light. Ed dived right into the Session by introducing himself through stories of his childhood. Anyone could have turned it into a “brag session” on accomplishments – Not Ed. It is much more important to Ed for folks to understand that he is just as human as the next person out there. Challenges in his upbringing – from homelessness, to family uncertainty, to going hungry, and other details he poured from his heart. It wasn’t something the group expected to first hear from such a decorated soldier. I know I wasn’t. It was a sign of what the night had in store for all of us – Ed was relating to his audience, simply another way to show how to be a leader.


Ed spoke on Leadership Traits, things he expected of the Team Leaders during a Challenge or Light, and various points to help anyone to successfully be a Better Participant.
(I have not gathered the notes from his presentation. Hopefully at a later date I’ll be able to get the overview/outline and present it in another post)

Once Ed had presented the material he wanted to disclose, it was then that the fireworks began! I had no idea that he was going to initiate the HALL OF PAIN right then and there in the office, and so it turned into a very quick sufferfest of sweat & skinny jeans! I had to open the office windows as the temperatures quickly climbed and the suffering reached comedic levels! Let’s just say that we have a TON to learn about Special Forces and our local history.


The Session did quickly require plenty of Teamwork, and more importantly – MAKE A #$%^ing DECISION! This became more important and apparent as the Mission continued. Although Ed could only smile as the attempts to cross his HANDS ONLY ZONE failed time after time, in the end he did help the Team to refocus on the task to eventually complete the Evolution. Yes Ed showed the Team in a matter of seconds what was failed to be accomplished in 25 or so minutes!


It was a very informative night, and it gave me a glimpse into the future of TRVLSQD. We are here to create better participants, and by the looks of the recent training – including this epic Session with Ed Hall, I have no doubt that the caliber of Leaders will continue to climb!

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