Neptune Beach – It’s Not for Everyone!

GORUCK Selection is the pinnacle for many in TRVLSQD and for many GRT’s across this country. As I’m typing, there are those fighting some of the strongest mental, spiritual, and physical demons anyone could SIGN-UP to face one on one. This is a picture taken from the GORUCK Tough Page on Facebook. (photo courtesy of GORUCK) Just so you know – those in the front leaning rest are trying to survive to join a very ELITE group of athletes, that small group in the shadows behind them on the hill. Those shadows are some of the current GORUCK Selectees. I need to emphasize – That small group includes ONLY those who have met the Selection Standards & PASSED GORUCK SELECTION! Think about it …How many folks you know do marathons, ultra-distance races, Ironman triathlons, Elite OCR’s, etc. Now look back at this picture and know – GORUCK Selection – It’s not for you….or is it?

Selection Hill

(Photo Courtesy of GORUCK)

000* St. Augustine, FL 18 8 44%
001 Washington, DC 24 3 13%
002 Neptune Beach, FL 19 1 5%
003 San Francisco, CA 6 1 17%
004 Austin, TX 7 0 0%
005 Chicago, IL 14 3 21%
006 Malibu, CA 15 0 0%
007 Boulder, CO 9 1 11%
008 Seattle, WA 11 2 18%
009 Boston, MA 27 2 7%
010 Dayton, OH 11 0 0%
Total 161 21 13%

(Passing Rate Chart Taken from

* GORUCK Cadre hand-picked all Selection Class 000 participants based on their strong endurance backgrounds. The pass rate was abnormally high for that reason.

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