John Templeman – the 1st Pacific Northwest Selectee,

“Didn’t you hurt your shoulder like 3-4 weeks ago at the Tacoma GRC?”

A question John asked me at Class 053, Seattle. He was amazed that I’d actually show up so soon after my shoulder challenge – What I didn’t know was John was already one of the toughest, young, mother%^&*ers I’d ever cross paths with! Whether he’s sharing a beer with you, telling his great stories (he has a few) or out training with you – he will always show you the meaning of “Great Livin'”!
He has done KOKORO (, he’s a GRT, and yes he’s the 1st ever Pacific Northwest GORUCK Selectee. I’m posting this because he’ll never ask me to post for him, and with his Burpeethon just around the corner, I’d be amiss to not mention my friend John during this time of the Neptune Beach Selection.

Thanks for forging ahead for us John, see you next month!



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