GORUCK Challenge and GORUCK Light in the Emerald City


Sometimes you just need to go for a walk with your friends…to get out in the open air, to take in spectacular views, to enjoy the sights and sounds of a city we all love – Seattle. Sometimes we need to jump onto the other side of the event – to see what happens from a Cadre point of view.


Sometimes we need to watch our friends SUFFER at the hands of a sadistic, military trained instrument of death A.K.A – Cadre Daniel. To watch his surgical strike on the Team was nothing short of amazing. The amount of pain he inflicted was glorious & legendary!


If you have any doubt or reserve that the GORUCK Challenge or the GORUCK Light is an event for you, I’m here to tell you -NO WAY! The above pictures are nothing more than a sampling of teammates – friends, all suffering at the hands of one GORUCK CADRE. Don’t take my word for it…..go back and look at their faces….

Faces of Agony


Faces of Defeat


Faces of Sheer Desperation



………..now go click on the GORUCK link to the right of this post – and sign up:)



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