Finding Our Way – Lake Tahoe Custom NAVIGATOR


Everyone can train for a GRC, a Light, or any other GR Event. To be able to participate in an Event that isn’t designed to “crush” you (don’t confuse with easy – climbing at elevation “sucked” the wind from my lungs) is a welcome reprieve from the standard PT beat-down.

This past week/weekend I was fortunate to join a 1/2 dozen or so other TRVLSQD folks as we converged down to South Lake Tahoe to attend the Custom NAVIGATOR. I know a little bit about logistics, and to see an event of this scale pulled off by Team Maris was simply awesome! From Grant and his Chef Boy-I-Am-Hungry skills, to the surprise trainer (Mykel Hawke – Man, Woman, Wild & TV Personality, Ex-Green Beret) and the sporadic bear sightings, this event was one of the greatest gatherings of Cadre & GRT’s ever! I won’t divulge too much of the magic of the event, and would like to say that although we were gathered to learn and explore, we all shared in mourning the passing of Jeff Proietti. We may have been on the other side of the country from where this unfortunate accident occurred, and we still felt his presence as we stood outside the Lodge in the sunshine. In your honor Jeff – Rest Easy, your GORUCK Family has picked up your torch and we’re carrying it forward.


Special Thank you to Team Maris, Team Goggiano, all and every Cadre involved in this events’ success!

So whether it be NAVIGATOR, ASCENT, BEACHED, or any other GR Expedition – go out and get after it,



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