Aloha Team,

We are about 1/2 way through the year, and all of you have not been short on vocalizing your determination to help another family. I understand. All of you have been patiently waiting to hear word about Team Gallardo. The family has decided – for now – to remain private / quiet as they are finding their way and moving forward in life. Ed will continue to keep in touch with the Gallardo’s, and when it is deemed necessary, we will jump right in!

Until then…..

It is my privilege and honor to introduce to you the next family that we have been blessed to have found. With the help of Cadre Rich and some careful reconnaissance around 1SFG, Rich was able to find a family and a child that simply makes me smile. A smile similar to the one Arden brought to all of us last year.




Avery is a child I can’t wait to meet, and someday hopefully all of us will get that chance. For now, I’m going to insert her story here as it is always best to hear the story from the source:

“Avery- Our vibrant beautiful loving 4 year old has had a very intense transition over the past few months. From an early age, we noticed she was significantly smaller than other children and was continually falling off the growth charts. At the age of two, we began taking her to an endocrinologist to monitor her growth patterns and it was decided she would start growth hormone in April 2015. During a standard MRI it was discovered that Avery had a brain tumor pressing against her pituitary gland, resulting in her lack of growth. Our plans for our daughter immediately changed as she was scheduled for immediate brain surgery to remove the tumor via craniotomy at UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill.   After the removal of the craniopharyngioma tumor Avery’s body suffered many unexpected changes. During our 21 day stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Avery suffered liver problems, hepatomegaly, hypertriglyceridemia, infections, seizures, was put on a ventilator, and had a blood transfusion. She also now lives with adrenal insufficiency, diabetes insipidus, hypothyroidism, growth hormone deficiency, and hypopituitarism.  Avery will now have a lifetime of hormone replacement, frequent MRI’s to monitor tumor regrowth, and a variety of office visits.”


I’m leaving out the personal military details for the privacy of the Reyes Family. In time we may all know more. Here are the important details:

  • Team Reyes is 1SFG
  • Team Reyes is officially on board
  • AVERY TOUGH will be the mission name
  • Targeting the end of August for the Event
  • Look to the Team Page for updates as they come down

When I know exactly what the Event will be, it will be a fast and furious race to put it together. I have my own personal challenges I’m working through, so look for me to reach out for help!




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