Alki Beach Sessions – Approach to the May GORUCK Challenge & Light

Saturday, April 19th, 7:00am

It was a brisk morning, and a beautiful one to get a great workout in on the beach. To all of you that showed up to be part of the Team Workout – well done! If you are new to these Sessions – Welcome! TRVLSQD will continue to host these and we know that by coming out, we’ll continue to help you to be less afraid of the suffering. You’ll learn to embrace it as a means of conquering your fears. Just don’t show up late unless you love attention, and never be afraid to jump right in!


It’s always fun having one of our workouts during any kind of activity on Alki Beach. I know plenty of folks were curious as to what we were doing, especially those on hand for the Earth Day 5K. We’ll never apologize for being awesome! Thank you to Brian Lohr from All-Day Ruckoff for the awesome pics…..and a special shout-out to those who suffered far after we were done (you trainees for Selection:)

Aloha – See all of you soon,


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  1. Pete /

    Indeed – thank you Brian – and thank you to the entire TRVLSQD team; the event was valuable to the extreme!

    1. Fergus / Post Author

      Always here to help brother! Come on out again….we’ll be in the area all day….and night….!

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