The 1st Pacific Northwest GORUCK Selectee goes BURPEE-MODE!

GORUCK Selection is arguably one of the toughest personal challenges anyone could ever endure. To sign up for one is crazy enough – to actually meet the standard and be Selected is a very rare accomplishment.  John Templeman is one extraordinary athlete, and one of only TWO Selectees (David Thomas is the other) that call Washington state their home. John would rather sit down over a beer or six with you and discuss the biological advantage of beer versus water than talk about Selection (feed him enough beer though and you’ll hear some great stories of Selection:) Enough on that…

John has his heart firmly focused on raising money for the non-profit of his choice – The Green Beret Foundation. Last year he created an event  – The Burpeeathon – in which executed THOUSANDS of continuous burpees for hours, to raise thousands of dollars for The GBF. And he’s going to be at it again!

Please visit the link under TRVLSQD Allied Forces for the BURPEEATHON and support John in his quest to crush his record from last year, to support a cause dear to all of us – the Green Beret Foundation.


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  1. Brian - All Day Ruckoff /

    Can’t wait to see what John gets done this year! Very excited for the second Burpeeathon.

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