Hulk Out: The Multi-Tasker*

The Multi-Tasker is an AMRAP-style workout. What’s AMRAP you say? As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible. If you’re familiar with GORUCK’s Training page, one who practices CrossFit, or a crazy meathead (-points at myself-), then this is a cringe worthy acronym.

This particular workout is to be performed as a circuit: complete one exercise then move on to the next. Although it is only 4 exercises with 4 reps each exercise, this workout can sneak up on you quick. Make sure to get your stations at the ready ahead of time. We’re looking for total rounds completed during a set time. How long you rest and what you do between each set is entirely up to you. And as always, STAY TRUE TO FORM.

With GR events, you’ll never know what the Cadre wants you to do until you’re instructed to do so. The Multi-Tasker is meant to keep you on your toes but keep you moving, while at the same time testing your abilities to concentrate.

This is a gym friendly workout…well, figuratively speaking. You will be hogging a squat station for some time. If you’re lucky, grab 2 Olympic bars (one on the ground ready for the power clean/push press combo and one prepped for back squats). So be prepared to make gym-emies. It can be done at home as long as there’s enough space and can be easily modified by using sandbags or a heavy ruck.

It’s you versus the clock. How many complete sets can you do? Only you will know so keep your head in the game.

Stay strong, keep breathing, and don’t stop.

What you will need:
Foam Roller
Rowing machine or jump rope
Timer, Clock, or Watch
Olympic barbell (preferably 2)
Squat rack
Various weighted plates

10 minutes of foam rolling

3 sets of 500m row (1 minute of rest between sets)
5 minutes of jump rope

4 exercises, 4 reps each exercise, AMRAP in 1-hour
1 – 1:30 minute rest between sets

This workout is flexible. You can stick with one weight load for each of the exercises or adjust as you see fit. Personally, I start off light with each of the exercises then progressively add more weight as I continue more sets. The thirst for Iron never stops!

*The Multi-Tasker is what my girlfriend decided this workout should be called considering all its “moving parts” and testing one’s ability to concentrate.

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