Hulk Out: Demon Workout

It’s earned this name mainly because of it’s unholy number of 666: 6 exercises, 6 reps each, 6 sets total. Although the numbers look low, it’s very deceiving and meant to be treated like a non-stop circuit.

DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT BLAZE THROUGH THIS WORKOUT! You are not racing anyone. There is no timer involved except during your rest breaks between sets. Again as mentioned in my bio, I’m a stickler on technique. So focus on your form and your breathing.

You will need space. Yes, you will hog a workout bench at the gym. Yes, you will hog all the dumbbells. Regarding that, you should separate dumbbells for each of the listed exercises below (i.e. dumbbells heavy enough to push your muscles through chest presses, dumbbells heavy enough for a bent over single arm row, dumbbells that you can do overhead tricep extensions with, and dumbbells for hammer curls – unless weights overlap).

Stay strong, keep breathing, and don’t give up.

What you will need:
Foam Roller
Rowing machine or jump rope
Lots of dumbbells for various exercises
A workout bench or something, flat, sturdy and stable to lay on/lean over/sit
A weighted plate

10 minutes of foam rolling

3 sets of 500m row (1 minute rest between sets) OR 5 minutes of jump rope

6 exercises, 6 reps each exercise, 6 sets
Rest for 1:30 – 2:00 minutes between sets

Alternating Dumbbell Press

      -laying on a flat bench

Weighted Plate (or dumbbell) Raise

      -Raise weight to shoulder height, 3 second pause, raise to overhead, then lower to start – That’s 1 rep.

Single-Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Row

      – 6 reps with one arm then switch.

Seated Tricep Overhead Extension

      -Keep your back straight while seated and perform 6 reps with one arm then switch.

Alternating Bicep Hammer Curls

Pistol Squat

    -With your back straight and while looking forward at a mirror, perform 6 reps with one leg then switch.


Each exercise, excluding the Weighted Plate Raise, should take you about 3 second to lower the weight and another 3 seconds to raise it and vice versa. Feel the squeeze of each muscle; focus on that breathing. This is all about control and strength. AGAIN, speed is not the focus.

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Account Supervisor - PR Manager at Kathy Casey Food Studios - Liquid Kitchen
***Disclaimer*** I AM NOT A CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER! The advice, suggestions, and recommendations that I give are based upon my experiences as a gym-junkie, a regular gym attendee, and someone who has spent a good chunk of their life performing heavy lifts. You have been warned. With all that being said...hello! My name is Erwin and for as long as I have been alive, my name has been butchered a lot and I have always lifted heavy. For brevity, thankfully to this awesome yet dysfunctional family...I've earned the nickname "HulkE." Throughout life's many twists and turns, I've always found myself at a gym...lifting something heavy. I believe in Henry Rollins' respect for Iron. It is my zen. Always has been. I'm strict in following proper technique (as best as any given body can do without failing). You're safer off that way, you're not cheating your muscles or yourself from any work involved, and your body won't hate you as much. I'm able to press my numbers based upon years of sticking to technique, staying dedicated to "Stronger than the you of yesterday," and never giving up. I'm not a certified personal trainer and have been on the fence regarding that for years now. Maybe this will help me without much further ado... Welcome to HulkE's Hulk Out section!

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