GRH-PEP Week 9: Day 5

Pebble in your shoe

Week 9: Day 5

Warm Up:

Self-Myofascial Release (Foam Roll)- LatsThoracic Spine (Back)Piriformis/GlutesHip Flexors/TFLIT BandQuadsAdductor ComplexHamstringsCalves


Feet-Elevated Scap Push-up x8/side

Lateral Band Walks x8/side

Knee-Break Ankle Mobilization x8

Glute Wall March Iso Hold x4/30s side

Overhead Lunge Walk x6/side



Circuit Training– Rest 60-90s after circuit. Perform 2 sets.

A1) Overhead Barbell Squat— 15

A2) 1-arm DB Row— 15/side

A3) DB Step-up to Balance— 15/side

A4) Yoga Push-up— 15

A5) Prisoner Squats— 15

A6) Barbell Forward Lunge— 15/side

A7) Prone Bridge— 30s

B) Jump Rope– 10 minutes


  • Cool down stretch and foam roll after exercising
  • Consume water
  • Consume post-workout nutrition (if needed).
  • Eat real food!


Use enough weight/resistance that’s allows your first 50 reps before failure. After the first set to failure, rest for 15s then perform as many reps until next failure or you complete 100 reps total.

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