GRH-PEP Week 9: Day 3

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Week 9: Day 3

Warm Up:

Self-Myofascial Release (Foam Roll)- LatsThoracic Spine (Back)Piriformis/GlutesHip Flexors/TFLIT BandQuadsAdductor ComplexHamstringsCalves


Feet-Elevated Scap Push-up x8/side

Lateral Band Walks x8/side

Knee-Break Ankle Mobilization x8

Glute Wall March Iso Hold x4/30s side

Overhead Lunge Walk x6/side



Circuit Training– 60-90s sec rest when finished w/ triset. Perform 4 sets.

A1) Barbell Good-morning— 10

A2) DB Romanian Deadlift— 10

A3) DB Bulgarian Split Squat from Deficit— 10/side

B1) Low Incline Barbell Press— 10

B2) Barbell Push Press— 10

B3) DB Cuban Press— 10

C1) Chin-ups–10

C2) Bent Over DB Rows— 10

C3) DB Snow Shovel— 10/side


  • Cool down stretch and foam roll after exercising
  • Consume water
  • Consume post-workout nutrition (if needed).
  • Eat real food!


Use enough weight/resistance that you can ONLY complete the desired number of repetitions.

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