GORUCK Heavy- Performance Enhancing Program (GRH-PEP)

GORUCK Heavy- Performance Enhancing Program (GRH-PEP)

Developed by VGA Strength & Conditioning


GRH-PEP is designed for the mass population and results will vary. If you follow the guidelines and train hard 6 days per week, you will become physically stronger, leaner, and increased aerobic performance. The conditioning sessions are designed to provide results; however what you put into your training is what you get from it.

Providing feedback and asking questions will help your training sessions. I will try to address any questions or concerns when time allows. This is NOT free personal training so please don’t get frustrated if your question’s may go unanswered.

The GRH-PEP starts Monday the 13th of January, and will end Saturday the 22nd of March. Each workout will be published at 12am everyday on the TRVLSQD training page found here.

To get the most from GRH-PEP please read the following:

GRH-PEP Guidelines:

  1. Define your goals prior to using the GRH-PEP. If you have trouble with this, contact me.
  2. The program will assume the participant has over one year experience in conventional strength training and aerobic conditioning.
  3. Strength condition 3 days a week.
  4. Perform set aerobic/ruck conditioning 3 times a week.
  5. Practice mobility every day.
  6. Walk vigorously as much as possible non-aerobic and rucking days.
  7. Eat a diet consisting of lean proteins, healthy fats, vegetables, and small amounts of fruit.
  8. Eat the least amount of meals you need to eat and practice portion control. Skipping a meal will not hinder your results.
  9. Unless a specific rest period is given, follow the general rule of “rest as long as you need but as little as you have to” between sets.

Other thoughts:

  1. GRH-PEP is not personalized. So it may not be suited for your current goals or level of ability.
  2. Please use your best judgment went performing these exercises. If you’re not comfortable performing a specific exercise, then don’t. Common sense goes a long way.
  3. If you want a personalized program design and nutritional outlines, then subscribe to my online distance coaching or hire a local fitness professional.

The guidelines and notes I have provided are general and I’m sure this will generate a few complaints. Keep in mind the GRH-PEP is meant to prepare individuals to complete a GRH event. How hard you train and mentally prepare for the event is on you.

Vincent A.

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Vincent has been a fitness professional since 2006 and is nationally certified by the ISSA and is a USA Weightlifting Strength Coach. Currently Vincent operates VGA Strength & Conditioning as a distance fitness coach and is contracted as a personal trainer at North Idaho Athletic Club in Moscow, Idaho. Specialties include: Weight Management, Endurance Sports, Performance Enhancement Training, Nutrition Counseling, Partner Assisted Stretching. Certifications: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, ISSA Specialist in Youth Fitness, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Coach, Partner Assisted Stretching Practitioner, Adult CPR & AED Certified.

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