DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

The DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia)–This is the second TRVLSQD team to setup shop on the East Coast.  The group is split into two training groups to help cut down on commute times for its members.  The North Group is in Maryland and typically trains at locations in Howard, Anne Arundel, or Baltimore counties and the surrounding areas.  The South Group covers Virginia and Washington D.C. and typically trains either in D.C. proper or areas of Northern Virginia (NoVA).  Weekly training typically occurs on the weekends in both areas and consists of a ruck or a Physical Training (PT) session. If you are interested in training for an upcoming GORUCK Event and want to test your perceived mental/physical limits; or if you  just want to hang out, have a beer, and make a few new crazy friends, come out to one of our training sessions.

Training session details will be posted on our Team Facebook page.

You can find us on Facebook at TRVLSQD-DMV
on Twitter at TRVLSQD_DMV
or Instagram at TRVLSQD.DMV

If you have any questions, feel free to email the group admins at: or

We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Team.


1898220_10201652351970335_224501809_nGORUCK Light Class # 204:  Annapolis, MD (St. Baldricks Fundraiser)

883506_679109235435678_357837602_oGORUCK Challenge Class # 805:  Annapolis, MD

10448665_802856779727589_1493957876347300748_oGORUCK Challenge Class # 1048:  Baltimore, MD

10333325_802855953061005_484660392310192795_oGORUCK Challenge Class # 1048:  Baltimore, MD

1799910_757747760905158_1553497254_oGORUCK Challenge Class # 933:  Washington D.C.

1669775_764191076927493_1836678192_oGORUCK Challenge Class # 948:  Annapolis, MD

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