TRVLSQD (pronounced Travel Squad) is one of the oldest rucking clubs in the United States. It was established in 2011 in Tacoma, Washington to prepare people for the GORUCK Challenge. Through member experiences, different training sessions have developed over the years to assist folks that have not only completed numerous GORUCK Challenges, but other Challenges as well. Team members have completed multiple GRC’s, GORUCK LIGHT, GORUCK HEAVY, Capstone Events such as GORUCK BEACHED, GORUCK ASCENT, GORUCK NAVIGATOR and a select few have passed the pinnacle event – GORUCK SELECTION. The TEAM not only participates in GORUCK Events, but pretty much any athletic endeavor that involves honoring our military services, fundraising, teamwork, unconventional rules, and of course – Pre/During/Post Activity beverage indulgence!

The identifying Logo for the Team is the TRVLSQD Tab. It was designed to pay tribute to our military forces, while differentiating different aspects about out Team, our drives, our goals.

The primary mission of TRVLSQD is to help others – It’s why we exist! We raise money for our favorite cause – The Green Beret Foundation – although there are plenty of other causes we will gladly support in whatever way we can. Helping the homeless, those that are fighting the “internal demons” of depression, PTSD, CANCER (we really hate cancer), linking Veterans with our local community, and the thousands of afflictions that we all fight on a daily basis within our families, our friends, and ourselves.

The Green Tab is our Team Identifier – the Team Tab. There are other Tabs that are for finishers of LIGHT, HEAVY and SELECTION. We also have Custom Tabs launched for Custom Events or groups such as TRVLKID and TRVLFAM.

TRVLSQD is proud to be an official GORUCK Firebase.