• GORUCK Challenge Training – SESSION 3 – An Evening on Leadership with MSG Ed Hall

    Friday – April 25th, 2014

    Time: 7:00pm

    Location: Tacoma South Sound Sports
    1119 Pacific Avenue, Suite 500
    Tacoma, WA 98402


    This Friday evening, 7:00pm, Tacoma South Sound Sports will host an evening presented by TRVLSQD. This is the 3rd Session as we help folks to be better prepared for their next GORUCK Challenge & Light. Don’t miss an evening to learn about:

    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Personal Growth

    Our Speaker: MSG Ed Hall

    Ed has been a part of the TRVLSQD Family since 2013. He and his family continue to support our efforts to help others to the best of our abilities. He is a Green Beret with 1st Special Forces Group (A) based out of Joint Base Lewis McChord. Although he maintains a very busy schedule, he is very excited to come speak to all of us. His ability to relate to folks not associated with the military, falls right in line with the GORUCK Mission of bridging the gap between our military & civilians. Ed will give all of us insight into his life, his service to this country, and most of all – how we can lead better lives by helping others!

    You’ll get to meet and talk to a dear friend of TRVLSQD and you’ll be able to get an insight into someone who will someday be Cadre for GORUCK!

    Feel free to bring a beverage or six to share with everyone!

  • Alki Beach Sessions – Approach to the May GORUCK Challenge & Light

    Saturday, April 19th, 7:00am

    It was a brisk morning, and a beautiful one to get a great workout in on the beach. To all of you that showed up to be part of the Team Workout – well done! If you are new to these Sessions – Welcome! TRVLSQD will continue to host these and we know that by coming out, we’ll continue to help you to be less afraid of the suffering. You’ll learn to embrace it as a means of conquering your fears. Just don’t show up late unless you love attention, and never be afraid to jump right in!


    It’s always fun having one of our workouts during any kind of activity on Alki Beach. I know plenty of folks were curious as to what we were doing, especially those on hand for the Earth Day 5K. We’ll never apologize for being awesome! Thank you to Brian Lohr from All-Day Ruckoff for the awesome pics…..and a special shout-out to those who suffered far after we were done (you trainees for Selection:)

    Aloha – See all of you soon,


  • Preparing for a GORUCK Challenge & Light – Session 1 & 2

    Friday. April 18th, 7:00pm

    I was excited for the opportunity to meet the “new blood” – the folks that are preparing for the GORUCK Challenge & Light. Drip City Coffee Company is definitely our rally-point for all things TRVLSQD in Seattle, and they were once again a fantastic host! The Team was on hand to cover information that could help folks to be better prepared for their first GRC, Light, or even be a refresher. I was very happy to meet the ones that were lucky enough to attend. We had plenty of drinks flowing (thank you Mark:) and even better conversations were had! I know the information that was presented will allow for a better and more prepared participant.

    Here’s what we covered:

    • Gear – Ruck, Clothing, Boots, Accessories, Bricks,
    • Nutrition – Drinks, Food, Snacks and BEER:)
    • Cold Water Immersion
    • Footcare


    Some even doubled up the learning experience and showed up for the Alki Beach Workout early Saturday morning! As these Sessions continue, they will only get better and more of you will crush that GORUCK Challenge and Light. Thank you to Mark & Jeremy from Drip City Coffee Company for hosting these Sessions, to Brian Lohr from All-Day Ruckoff for the pictures, to the TRVLSQD GRT’s that were on hand to give feedback, and to the attendees – without you none of this would have been possible.

    Don’t miss Session 3 – Leadership with Special Guest MSG Ed Hall in Tacoma on April 25th at 7:00pm!



  • SAT7 – GORUCK Challenge & LIGHT PT Training & Team Building!

    Come on out this Saturday for a great workout! TRVLSQD will be leading folks through our kind of fun! Water, Team Weight, PT, Sand, Rain…..wait else could you ask for! See you there!



  • TRVLSQD Pre-GORUCK Challenge & Light Training Sessions 1 & 2

    Session 1 and 2


    A few weeks ago, GORUCK was in town for the most challenging TEAM Event they have ever conducted – the first HCL001, Seattle, WA. It was three Events, in three Days, consecutively. It started with the 24HR HEAVY, then a break, the GORUCK Challenge, another break, then the finale Event – the GORUCK Light. It was a brutal start in the cold Cascade Mountains, only to finish under the warm sun in downtown Seattle! TRVLSQD was the folks to suggest this madness, and we were the first location to experience the legendary suffering! It was in this suffering that a new fire was started…

    TRVLSQD exists to help folks train for their first GRC or Light. We are also a very large group for consultation on GORUCK Selection , HEAVY, and other GR Events. We have been doing so for years now, and the time has come to evolve our training regimen.

    We will always host PT/Rucking Sessions on the weekends prior to any GR Event, AND we will now be adding a specific group of Training Evolutions or Sessions. These Sessions will be during the 4-weeks prior to a GRC/Light. They will cover various topics of interest to anyone interested in learning more from veteran GRT’s (folks that have completed at least a GRC or Light). They will be open-discussion forums designed to spawn conversations to help you with anything from GEAR to FOOD, TEAM to WATER IMMERSION. We will cover it all over the span of the 4 weeks.

    The 4 Sessions will be held on Friday night at 7:00pm in various locations. Most will be held in Seattle as this is where the GRC/Lights will be. (Session 3 is the only exception – It will be in the Tacoma vicinity as this is where our guest speaker resides. Session 4 starts at 6:00pm versus 7:00pm)

    Session 1 – GEAR & NUTRITION
    This session will cover all aspects of gear from your ruck, to clothing, to accessories and shoes .We’ll also be discussing the proper nutrition needed for a GRC or Light, Pre-Workouts and during the Events. Expect the Session to last 1-2 Hours (based on questions/answers). We will have GEAR & Nutrition examples on hand so folks can see what others have already experienced/used.

    This session will cover all aspects of dealing with cold water immersion, staying wet during a GRC or LIGHT, how to stay warm, etc. Once this topic has been covered, we will transition into talking about caring for your feet during the Event. Shoes, Socks, blister care, maceration, etc. will be covered. Expect this Session to last 1-2 Hours (based on questions/answers).

    Session 3 – LEADERSHIP
    This session will be a presentation by a guest speaker that is very much a part of the TRVLSQD Family. Speaking on Leadership, Teamwork, and Organization will be MSG Ed Hall, 1st SF(A) Based out of Joint-Base Lewis McChord. MSG Hall has extensive training on leadership, and I’m proud that he has agreed to speak on this topic. Understand that MSG Hall is a very personable individual and will engage all of us in a very open discussion/forum. This is a rare opportunity to talk to a future Cadre for GORUCK! Expect this Session to last 1-2 hours (based on questions / answers)

    Session 4-  GORUCK PT / Specific Exercises
    This session will be the last session before the GRC/Light. We will be outside going through various techniques and exercises to help get you familiar with what you may / may not see at a GRC/Light. We want you to be able to execute certain movements (buddies-carries, etc.) Expect this Session to last 1-2 Hours (based on teaching the techniques & practice) This session will also start an hour earlier to give folks plenty of daylight practice time.

    More information will be posted here on the Website, and for now let’s prepare for Session 1:

    Session 1 – GEAR & NUTRITION

    Date: April 18, 2014

    Time: 7:00pm

    Location: Drip City Coffee Co

    2929 1st Ave

    Seattle, WA 98121
    COST: FREE – Please email me at fergus@trvlsqd.com if you plan on attending so I can keep track of numbers. Thank you!~


    See all of you soon!





  • GRH-PEP Week 10: Day 7

    Tony Robbins

    Week 10: Day 7

    REST DAY and recover over the next few days for the HCL. Stay loose and walk unloaded; 3-5 miles daily.

    See you on the mountain!

  • GRH-PEP Week 10: Day 6

    you can only lead

    Week 10: Day 6

    Warm Up:

    Self-Myofascial Release (Foam Roll)- LatsThoracic Spine (Back)Piriformis/GlutesHip Flexors/TFLIT BandQuadsAdductor ComplexHamstringsCalves


    Perform a 3-hour ruck w/ full load. You move as quickly as possible with little rest for duration of conditioning.


    • Cool down stretch and foam roll after exercising
    • Consume water