GORUCK has just launched the new minimalist waist-belts! If you were wanting to add one of these, but didn’t know where to turn, then here is the answer you’ve been waiting for! Click below….




    I think I have a ways to go before my “PILE O’PATCHES” would fill this up….AND it looks cool!


  • SUPPORTING OUR MILITARY – GORUCK Stays ahead of the Regulation Curve


    If you’ve been involved in any sort of GORUCK Event, you know the RUCK standard continues to be any of the GORUCK line of RUCK’s, from the GR0 to the GR2. There are others within the line, some are custom colors, others are simply the “NEW BLACK”. It’s actually cool to see this happen….



  • WEBB Tough – Because He is and We want to Be!


    A few weeks ago, Mark Webb was in a horrible motorcycle accident, and had to have a part of his leg amputated. Most would slide down the spiral slope into depression and self-doubt. Not him! I just saw a post this morning of Mark doing Webb-Ups for the 22 Veterans that commit suicide every day in this country. He continues to show us the difference between TOUGH and being STRONG. (He is both:)

    So copy this link below into your browser to purchase this GORUCK-sponsored T-Shirt/Patch Bundle. $20.00 of every bundle sold goes directly to the Team Webb!


    WEBB 2 WEBB 3

    WEBB 4







  • * New Release – GORUCK FIREARMS CASES *


    The latest news today from Jason at GORUCK is that the link is now LIVE for the PreOrder Sales of the New GORUCK Firearms Cases and Pistol Rug. These are going to definitely make carrying your firearms & gear a whole lot cooler (Rule #1:)


    So, pistol or AR, GORUCK has you….covered! Check these out!





  • ABSOC and the 1st MLCH on Approach!


    With ABSOC next month, and the 1st GORUCK MLCH this November, it you’re not training with additional weight on top of your full load-out, well, yes – it’s gonna hurt just a little more.

    Luckily GORUCK has you covered…..30% OFF the 3X Set!!!


  • New TAB Sticker Colors – RED and BLACK!


    New on the scene – the classic die-cut TAB in RED and BLACK! In-Stock in the store now!


  • The 1st GORUCK MLCH – November 2014


    So all of you have been wondering what in the world the latest posts have been about….well here it is. One specific Cadre thought the HCL was too easy, so as Bert says in Selection – “it will get harder, not easier.” So welcome to another TRVLSQD 1st – MLCH001 !

    GR_MLCH copy

    More details on the family we are also going to be helping. For now, train your ass off…you have 3 months to attain something no GRT has accomplished….yet:) The Event Sign-Up is now ACTIVE!

    And it’s $350.00 now thru October 2, 2014!

    Clear your calenders people, this is going to be gloriously horrible, and well worth the experience.

    Good Luck!