• Celebrating Being Active, American, and Awesome!

    Coming up at the end of June will be a new event in the Pacific Northwest – GORUCK’s Kill that 5K! It will be a celebration of all things that are great about the living in the USA!

    There will be other events surrounding this one, and the details will be forthcoming over the next few months. Until then…


  • 2015 – Can’t Help Everyone – So We’ll Just Help Everyone


    Aloha Team,

    It’s now February in 2015 and before you know it, we’ll be approaching all kinds of new and exciting events here in the PNW. As most of you have set your targets for what you’d like to accomplish this year, I have been working behind the scenes on the future of TRVLSQD – The future meaning new events, and new families to help. I’ll never get away from this focus because this is the bloodline that makes this Team unique from any other group out there. As all of you progress towards your own goals, please don’t forget that your accomplishments pale in comparison to the ones you help others to achieve.

    As I look back at what we’ve all accomplished, it makes me smile every time I see a post by Cadre Ed pushing everyone to be stronger, to be in better shape, to be a better person. I smile when I see a post by Cadre Rich reminding us to never forget those in harm’s way, knowing that he has been blessed by being with his family during the holidays when that status could change at any time. I smile when Team members are posting about upcoming workouts and about the passion for helping new folks starting down the road to firsts, Challenges, etc. The dynamic that all of you have built continues to strengthen with every life YOU make a difference in – so never stop!

    As the Team has grown, I have been reminded by those that have been around from the inception of TRVLSQD, that I simply can’t do everything, I need to get better at asking for help, and so I have.


    Late last year I had a conversation with Erwin Santiago about his desire and passion to help direct and lead. For those of you that know him, his dedication, drive and sense of humor (insert images of ranger panties dance here) are fundamental attributes needed to guide when you have a diverse group such as ours. After careful evaluation over the last few years, I decided to appoint Erwin as the Seattle Chapter Training Director. What does this mean? Erwin will continue to help manage the upcoming training Sessions (SS7’s and whatnot) moving forward – mostly for the North End. In the South End there are some OG’s (Original GRT’s) than will step forward to help lead Trainings down here. Overall, I want to make sure we are meeting the needs of those that desire help with Training, etc. If you’d like to help lead some training, please don’t hesitate to ask Erwin, myself, or any of the other highly qualified folks we have on the Team (John Maris, Team Doty, David Thomas, etc.)

    As this is a write-up that everyone in the Chapters across the country will read, I ask of each Chapter Director reach out to me and let me know what you’d like to see of TRVLSQD. What would help all of you in your respective areas to grow? We are a tight family here in the PNW, and I’d like to help all of you to become stronger as well.

    One of the most telling stories of where TRVLSQD continues to break grounds is through our desire to adopt our own local SF Group. We are blessed that 1st SFG is right here in our backyard, and through our desire to help them, and their desire to build a better connection with their local community, we have essentially become family! I had no idea that with the JBLM Light to help Team Hall, we would start a precedent that would keep us focused on 1st Group. From there we broke unbelievable barriers with the Arden Tough Range Day, and then closing out the year with our Brooklynn Tough effort. None of this could have been accomplished if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication of all of you.

    As I have mentioned our distinguished families, it’s only fitting to give all of you some updates on those families:

    • Tanya (Ed’s wife) continues to show the medical world that she’ll beat whatever is thrown at her, and she’ll never EVER give up her fight. The bottom line is – Team Hall couldn’t be any stronger than it is right now! And their three boys? Probably eating them out of house and home, but what do you expect – have you seen Ed’s appetite?
    • Arden just recently turned 1! (So did Rene) Folks this is a big milestone for him. This past week, for the first time EVER Arden had a normal blood count! The medical staff didn’t believe it, and had to verify. Although he still has his good & bad days, he continues to show the heart of warrior and fights every single day! Rene and Mike continue to thank all of us for the difference we have made in their lives. Mike is also itching to come play with us at a GRC! Look for that to happen this year!

    Arden Christmas

    • Brooklynn continues to make significant progress in her battle. She was told by her neurosurgeon that there is only ONE other case study in the world like her, and so they have asked for permission from her family if they could document her case. What does this really mean? Brooklynn may someday help to save the lives of other children around the world by her battle! (Sound familiar anyone? Helping others? Hmmmm….) Most of you have already seen the video of Ed and I presenting Brooklynn with gifts and donations from all of us, and I’d be remiss for not mentioning the one very special gift arranged by someone on this Team. Over the holidays, Brooklynn received a personally signed photo from Coach John Calipari – the head men’s basketball coach at the University of Kentucky. I was stunned when I heard of this, as Brooklynn is a huge University of Kentucky Fan! This photo is framed and hangs on the wall to remind Brooklynn to never give up, and to know she inspires more people than she knows. So to the warm-hearted individual in this Team that made this happen – a Tac-Hat tip in your direction – Team First, Family Always!


    So much work to do, so many folks to help…..so off to work I go!

    TRVLSQD ~ Can’t Help Everyone….So We’ll Just Help Everyone


  • There’s Honor in the Fight


    There are certain sounds, certain smells that are forever linked to experiences in the past. Years had passed since I remember holding one of these . It felt natural & foreign all at once…

    “Have you shot one of these before?” A question that made me smile as I was really excited to hold this weapon – an M4 (M16 when I was last on a range). It felt empowering, it felt natural, and it still didn’t take away any feelings of nervousness I had.

    “It’s been about 10 years or so.”

    “Alright then, let’s get you familiar with it again!”

    Scott was the instructor on the firing lane I had walked up to. I was part of the last group of folks to shoot. We’d fire a specific number of rounds with the M4 (rifle), and then we’d fire the M9 (pistol). I was excited and nervous and just wanted to get that feeling of “breathing & squeezing” again, a frame of mind I  hadn’t been in for years.

    “Hey Ferg, let’s see what you can do, I’m watching you!” When you have a group of competitive GRT’s, you know there will be an ample amount of smack talking, and Rocco was sure to not disappoint. So I took my hat off, adjusted my safety glasses, and got myself ready for business. The smile of my face only told one side of the story – but what about the other side?

    How was it that I was standing once again on a military range?


    This past summer, Cadre Ed Hall reached out to me and said this, ” Fergus, I found the family we are going to help – It’s now my time to pay it forward!”

    I already knew what that meant. The previous year we had raised some money for his family, when he didn’t know who I was, or the folks that would eventually help him and his family. The impact of that gesture changed his life, and it was now time to change the life of another, another one in 1st SFG on Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA. I was excited to have that focus again, I knew the amount of work that it would take to accomplish the task – I just didn’t know how expansive this effort was going to be. To say I’d be surprised would be an understatement.

    “Alright Ed, let’s get to work.”

    The planning began this past summer, sometime around July. We wanted to create an event beyond the GORUCK Light that was run last year on his behalf. The circumstances that surrounded “how” Ed had come across the family we’d eventually help, was in many ways – meant to be. During a hospital visit with Tanya (for her care) Ed found out through the medical staff about a soldier whose son was fighting a very rare blood disorder. It just so happened, that soldier was part of 1st SFG. In that instant Ed knew that this was the family he was going to pay forward and help.

    Mike’s son – Arden has Multifocal Lymphangioendothelialmatosis with Thrombocytopenia. He is one of 48 people internationally to be diagnosed with MLT. There is no known treatment besides transfusing packed red blood cells. When Ed was given the status of Arden, he already had about 800 visits to the hospital. It’s enough to make any parent heartbroken, knowing the burden their child was enduring, and their own family too.

    So the Team got to work….we had plenty of hurdles to cross, and about 4 months to get it done.

    The ultimate goal was to create an event that would surpass our efforts from last year. To do so meant coming up with an event, or events, that would bring together folks from across the country. In essence we settled on this idea  -we’d reverse a GORUCK Event known as the HCL (3-Events in one, GORUCK HEAVY, CHALLENGE, LIGHT) and add a new event – the MEATHEAD (this is simply executing the three basic power-lifts – BENCH, SQUAT, DEADLIFT). That would give it a new twist. But then we needed to make it harder, so we reversed the order. It would now be an MLCH, Meathead followed by the rest.

    Have I lost you yet?

    GR_MLCH copy

    We created a bunch of different raffles to raise the funds needed to not only ensure we met our fundraising goal for the family (which we crushed) but we also wanted to make sure we could donate the remaining funds (post expenses) to the Green Beret Foundation. (as of 12/3/14, the donation to the GBF is in final reconciliation stages with my accounting partner in NY).

    So how did we wind up having 40 folks brought onto a military base in the Pacific Northwest to experience what a Special Forces soldier / unit may go through on a training day? That credit is going to MSG Ed Hall. With everything that was in play, Ed talked to his staff and his chain of command to tell them about what he was trying to accomplish, and what a bunch of civilians from across the country were doing to support one of their own. This is where the story takes a very awesome turn.

    Based on what Ed had presented, he was told that 1SFG would help however they could, that he would get the support to ensure the success of this personal mission. This is where the “community outreach” idea was created. Since there were civilians (and military, police, fire, etc) that were willing to WANT to help this family, why not complete the “bridge” that was already being built. 1SFG decided at that point to host a Community Outreach Day in which a specific amount of folks would be given the opportunity to experience certain aspects of the 1stSFG life. It just so happened that this day centered around folks being able to shoot a few weapons systems, and learn about 1SFG. All Ed had to do was get approval from a few different folks, specifically a 3-STAR General. (just because Ed didn’t have that signature & authorization until the week of the event was a minor detail!)

    “I wonder if I’d be able to get 40 folks to show up for this?”


    Once the word got out that 1st SFG would be hosting a Community Outreach Day, it didn’t take long for the folks to sign up. It was on a first-come , first serve basis, and within a week all of the slots were taken, with plenty of folks waiting in wings to pounce if a spot should come available.

    And so here we were, months later, after plenty of hurdles, learning about 1st Special Forces Group, talking to soldiers, talking to Ed’s chain of command. It was AMAZING and the friendships that were developed are now those that everyone will cherish.




    And so I raised the M4 to my cheek, took a deep breathe, and squeezed. In a matter of minutes the feeling of acquiring a proper sight picture came back to me. I was sending rounds downrange, and loving every second of it. All of the months of hard work was finally in motion, and to see everyone smiling, and talking to each other made all of it worthwhile. To listen to Mike and have him thank all of us for what we had done for his family, simply reaffirmed the fact that we had done what we were meant to – to help others.

    During the next three days, plenty of us would be on hand to suffer through the crucible of the GORUCK MLCH, some of us were blessed to lift, crawl, roll, carry, and whatever else was necessary to accomplish the tasks given. And Mike was there. He suffered right alongside all of us, and THAT is what matters the most. His son Arden fights the strong fight, and it shows where he gets it from. At the end of the long event weekend, there will be the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY. To those three, I say well done! To learn about how far you can push your body, go find them. Sign up for a GORUCK MLCH (if it ever happens again).


    To everyone who supported this cause, I want to personally thank you. You have helped the son of a soldier, you have helped a family, and most importantly – you have made a difference in this life.

    To Mike, Renee, and Arden – Thank you for allowing a bunch of weirdo’s into your lives. I promise we won’t get any better with time, only worse!

    To all of our sponsors – GORUCK, Tim Kennedy, Spartan Blades, SHplates, Trauma1, All Day Ruckoff, I’ll make sure I keep you in mind for next year as I know we’ll only want to top the standard that was set.

    To all of the soldiers of families of 1st SFG – Thank you for your sacrifices to the greatest country on this earth! God Bless All of You!






    GORUCK has just launched the new minimalist waist-belts! If you were wanting to add one of these, but didn’t know where to turn, then here is the answer you’ve been waiting for! Click below….




    I think I have a ways to go before my “PILE O’PATCHES” would fill this up….AND it looks cool!


  • SUPPORTING OUR MILITARY – GORUCK Stays ahead of the Regulation Curve


    If you’ve been involved in any sort of GORUCK Event, you know the RUCK standard continues to be any of the GORUCK line of RUCK’s, from the GR0 to the GR2. There are others within the line, some are custom colors, others are simply the “NEW BLACK”. It’s actually cool to see this happen….



  • WEBB Tough – Because He is and We want to Be!


    A few weeks ago, Mark Webb was in a horrible motorcycle accident, and had to have a part of his leg amputated. Most would slide down the spiral slope into depression and self-doubt. Not him! I just saw a post this morning of Mark doing Webb-Ups for the 22 Veterans that commit suicide every day in this country. He continues to show us the difference between TOUGH and being STRONG. (He is both:)

    So copy this link below into your browser to purchase this GORUCK-sponsored T-Shirt/Patch Bundle. $20.00 of every bundle sold goes directly to the Team Webb!


    WEBB 2 WEBB 3

    WEBB 4







  • * New Release – GORUCK FIREARMS CASES *


    The latest news today from Jason at GORUCK is that the link is now LIVE for the PreOrder Sales of the New GORUCK Firearms Cases and Pistol Rug. These are going to definitely make carrying your firearms & gear a whole lot cooler (Rule #1:)


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