The latest news today from Jason at GORUCK is that the link is now LIVE for the PreOrder Sales of the New GORUCK Firearms Cases and Pistol Rug. These are going to definitely make carrying your firearms & gear a whole lot cooler (Rule #1:)


    So, pistol or AR, GORUCK has you….covered! Check these out!





  • ABSOC and the 1st MLCH on Approach!


    With ABSOC next month, and the 1st GORUCK MLCH this November, it you’re not training with additional weight on top of your full load-out, well, yes – it’s gonna hurt just a little more.

    Luckily GORUCK has you covered…..30% OFF the 3X Set!!!


  • A Family Fights – And So Shall We

    Last year I had the privilege of working with various folks within and outside of TRVLSQD to help a soldier and his family right here in the Pacific Northwest.

    It was a simple ask, “…Fergus, can you get TRVLSQD to help a brother of mine?”

    What kind of question is that, Bert? (something I said to myself during the phone call)

    “Of course we will, you just set me in the direction we need to go, and we’ll get it done!”

    That was almost a year ago, and the anniversary of that great event – which brought a family with no ties to this Team –  is quickly approaching. It has also taken the heart of a man – the heart of MSG Ed Hall – to the forefront of paying it forward.

    For Ed, there is no other way – we help because it is what we are here to do!

    The idea of the GORUCK Event known as the MLCH this November is designed to make people suffer, and suffer on a level that GORUCK has not seen regarding Team Events. Yes there is Selection, but this one is different. Before the start of the 1st Event – the M – there will be a 1st Group Range Day, a VIP Experience as you will. It will enable members of 1st Group to “bridge the gap” and let some of us experience first hand some of the armaments they have been trained to use. This will be a unique experience that has not and possibly will not happen again.

    And I’m excited as I will be there…bet on that!

    “Fergus, I have a family, another 1st Group Brother that needs this Team’s help, and I know I don’t have to ask…..this is going to happen!” – Ed


    This soldier’s name is Michael. He’s part of 1st Group based at JBLM, right here in the Pacific Northwest. He fights for the same freedoms we all share. He and his family also fight so their son can be free from an extremely rare disease. It’s so rare that his family is one of less than 50 families in the world right now that are documented to be fighting this same battle.

    And we are going to help them….because it’s what this Team does!

    Below is an exerpt from the e-mail I received today with some of the information about Michael’s son, Arden.

    “Here’s just a little information on Arden currently…He is 7 months old. He has Multifocal Lymphangioendothelialmatosis with Thrombocytopenia. He is one of 48 people internationally to be diagnosed with MLT. There is no known treatment besides transfusing packed red blood cells. Has had about 800 visits to the hospital.”

    Arden 1

    “There is no known cause.”

     Arden 2


    So this November, when most folks in this country will be preparing for Thanksgiving, the lucky folks that will descend upon the great Pacific Northwest will witness how 1st Group brothers take care of one another, and how TRVLSQD will once again help to change lives. We’ll be fundraising on various levels to help ease the burden that this family endures. By signing up for this Event, you are stepping forward and saying you’re proud to help.

    And I’ll be there….bet on it!

    GR_MLCH copy




  • New TAB Sticker Colors – RED and BLACK!


    New on the scene – the classic die-cut TAB in RED and BLACK! In-Stock in the store now!


  • The 1st GORUCK MLCH – November 2014


    So all of you have been wondering what in the world the latest posts have been about….well here it is. One specific Cadre thought the HCL was too easy, so as Bert says in Selection – “it will get harder, not easier.” So welcome to another TRVLSQD 1st – MLCH001 !

    GR_MLCH copy

    More details on the family we are also going to be helping. For now, train your ass off…you have 3 months to attain something no GRT has accomplished….yet:) The Event Sign-Up is now ACTIVE!

    And it’s $350.00 now thru October 2, 2014!

    Clear your calenders people, this is going to be gloriously horrible, and well worth the experience.

    Good Luck!


  • GORUCK & the Realm of Firearm Cases


    For those of you that have heard, GORUCK is much closer to the release of items such as a pistol rug, cases, etc. They are looking very sweet, and based on the input from operators of various backgrounds, I’m sure these will all be very hot items going into the fall season.

    Check these out!








    Soon we will all know…..





    It was simply a matter of time….and that time is now!

    GORUCK has just released the Limited Edition GR0, GR1, and GR2 – with Red Molle & Patch Highlights!!!! Many of you have seen pics of these posted here and there….here’s you’re chance to own one!